☆ Tower of Torment ☆

Tower of Torment

You need to obtain a specific key from the land of spirits in order to gain access to this instance. There are plenty of cards to be found which can be used for upgrades, including some of the exclusive ones.

How It Works

The tower of torment is a place where you will find unique treasures. It requires a key from the land of spirits to gain access to the tower.

However, you will need to prove yourself worthy of the treasures by defeating the ninja guardians who protect them.

You will require different keys to access each instance.

Water Key – Aqua Training Center / Aqua Testing Grounds

Fire Key – Inferno Training Center / Inferno Testing Grounds

Forest Key – Forest Training Center / Forest Testing Grounds

Sand Key – Earthen Training Center / Earthen Testing Grounds

Element Key – Testing Grounds

Torment Key – Live Training Zone


You will be able to obtain normal and advanced materials upon clearing each instance.

Advanced materials

Exclusive materials