Ancient Ruins

Ancient Ruins

It is being told that some of the legendary ninjas known as the “demonic warriors” had been sealed with magic somewhere in the ancient ruins. However, they break free from the seals when the influence of the Moon weakens and run rampant.

The demonic men are extremely powerful and brutal, but they also lend their abilities to those who prove themselves worthy.

And for that reason, the ancient ruins now attract hundreds of ninjas whose goal is to challenge the demonic warriors and subjugate them.

How It Works

You will be able to obtain a demonic warrior, who spawns as the instance boss, upon defeating him. The tribal attribute of each boss rotates every two weeks.

The attribute change will occur on every other Monday at 12 a.m.

Rotation order: Earth – Forest – Fire – Water



You will be able to obtain boss cards upon clearing each instance.